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Avoid These Mistakes when Filing Your Divorce Paperwork

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

The process of finalizing a divorce is already time-consuming, but can become even more so if the couple in question doesn’t submit the proper paperwork, or fails to submit it on time. To ensure that your own divorce paperwork is free of errors and that any delays in the process will not be attributable… Read More »


The Finances of Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Besides the emotional impact of separating from a partner, the process of divorce can require some serious financial wrangling. It is possible, however, for couples who learn the basics of how finances are split during divorce, to navigate the complex division process successfully and end up confident about their financial futures. An experienced Fort… Read More »


Awarding Different Forms of Alimony in a Single Divorce Proceeding

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Financial stability is one of the main concerns of those who are involved in divorce proceedings, so it is important for divorcing couples to have a good understanding of the different forms of alimony and the rules regarding how and when they are awarded. If you are currently going through a divorce and have… Read More »


Guidelines for Co-Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Recent events regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have caused upheavals in most of our lives. However, parents who share custody of children may also face unique obstacles during this time, as complying with a time sharing agreement may not be feasible or even safe. To learn more about your own custody options during the pandemic,… Read More »


How to Protect Your Separate Property During Marriage

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When Florida couples divorce they are required to divide their marital assets in a fair and reasonable manner, but are permitted to retain their separate assets. It is also possible, however, for assets that initially qualified as separate property to become marital assets during the course of a marriage, in which case, the original… Read More »


Emergency Custody Petitions

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Although they may not be as common as other types of custody arrangements, some Florida families do require the assistance of an attorney when attempting to obtain emergency custody of a couple’s children. There are a number of different terms that can be used to describe the process of obtaining an emergency custody order,… Read More »


How to Spot Hidden Income and Assets

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Although many divorcing couples take great care when disclosing their finances to each other, including their assets and income, a surprising number fail to do so, leaving the wronged party with an unfair property settlement agreement or alimony award. Fortunately, it is possible to uncover hidden assets and income before the court finalizes a… Read More »


Co-Parenting Tips for the Coming School Year

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Balancing employment, with paying bills, maintaining a household, and raising a child can be challenging on its own, but attempting to co-parent with your former partner can make these situations even more difficult, especially during the school year. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that parents can take to make this process easier,… Read More »

Upcoming Changes to Alimony Law in 2016

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Upon choosing to divorce, many couples immediately consider the possibility of an alimony award decided by the court. To be sure, while alimony may not be automatically awarded, a higher-earning spouse could be directed to provide compensation to his or her spouse for a specific period of time, depending on a number of specifics…. Read More »

New Study Indicates Only Happy Marriages Provide Benefits

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

TIME magazine recently highlighted a new study indicating that not all marriages provide health benefits. Specifically, what researchers labeled as “ambivalent marriages”—or unions that have distinctly negative attributes—do not receive the positive benefits of marriages, and unfortunately, this describes 75 percent of all marriages (at least, according to this particular study). What’s Just an… Read More »

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