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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation


In a previous post, we discussed the complications that can arise from the public disclosure of divorce records and how divorcing parties can go about attempting to seal those records, or at least have certain information redacted. This is not, however, the only way to avoid having your divorce become a matter of public record. One of the many benefits of mediation, for example, is that all records of discussions and negotiations between the parties and their lawyers are strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed outside of those proceedings. To learn more about the mediation process and whether it could be right for you and your family, please reach out to our experienced Florida divorce mediation attorneys today.

What is Mediation?

Many people, when they file for divorce, assume that they will have no choice but to litigate that divorce in court, which involves bringing a case before a judge. This is not always, however, required. In fact, many couples are able to resolve their divorces quickly and with as little contention as possible by avoiding litigation entirely and mediating their divorce. Mediation proceedings occur outside of the courtroom and involve only the parties, their attorneys, and a third party mediator who can help couples resolve their issues amicably and fairly. If negotiations come to a standstill, the parties still have the opportunity to take their case to court.

Making You Own Decisions

Unlike traditional litigation, which gives a judge the authority to make decisions regarding child custody, property division, and alimony, mediation proceedings leave this responsibility in the hands of the parties themselves. Both spouses will have the final say in how they’ll split up their property and if they share children, how they will parent those children going forward.

More Privacy

In Florida, divorces are considered a matter of public record, which means that the private details of a couple’s marriage will be accessible to anyone who requests a record of those proceedings. Mediated divorces, on the other hand, allow the parties to retain a measure of privacy over their proceedings, as all written and spoken communications during a mediation are confidential and cannot be disclosed.

Less Contention

In addition to helping keep family matters private, mediation also helps protect a couple’s children from experiencing the stress that so often accompanies litigation. Children are not the only individuals who benefit from this form of obtaining a divorce, as the spouses themselves can avoid contention and potential conflict by handling their matters privately and in the presence of a skilled mediator.

Saving Time and Money

Mediated divorces are almost always resolved more quickly than their litigation-based counterparts. In fact, many divorce mediations are resolved within a matter of a few months, while some litigated divorces can take up to a year or longer. Furthermore, the court and filing fees tend to be much lower for mediated divorces, which don’t require as many court filings or appearances.

Is Mediation Right for Your Family?

For those looking to end their marriage, please call experienced divorce mediation lawyer Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. at 954-945-7591 to learn more about alternatives to litigation.





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