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Category Archives: Fort Lauderdale Child Custody


How Your Children Could Benefit From Co-Parenting

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Even after a couple divorces, it is possible for them to continue to successfully co-parent a child together. Doing so will require the creation of a detailed and clear parenting plan, as well as dedication on the parts of both parents, but when successful, can have positive repercussions for the parties’ children for years… Read More »


Standard Parenting Plans

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Co-parenting often proves to be a challenge for divorcing parents, with many couples disagreeing on issues related to custody and child support. However, a couple won’t be able to finalize their divorce until these issues have been resolved through the drafting of a parenting plan. While Florida family law courts do provide parents with… Read More »


Parallel Parenting After Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

While some parents who decide not to remain in a romantic relationship are able to remain friends after their separation, or are at least able to maintain an amicable relationship for the sake of their children, doing so is not possible for everyone. Fortunately, there are ways to work around a less-than-friendly relationship with… Read More »


Child Custody Mediation Checklist

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Many divorcing couples are able to avoid litigation by going through the mediation process. In fact, in Florida most couples are required to at last attempt mediation before they can take their case to trial. This is an especially important option for parents, whose children could suffer from a long, drawn-out legal battle. There… Read More »


The Importance Of Facilitating A Relationship Between Your Child And A Co-Parent

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Ending romantic relationships is almost always difficult, but ending a relationship with someone with whom you share a child can be even more complicated. In fact, it may be more accurate to say that someone doesn’t actually end a relationship with a co-parent. Instead, the nature of that relationship will change from being a… Read More »


How Do Courts Determine Parental Responsibility?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When a married couple has children and decides to divorce, they must establish a custody order with the courts before that dissolution can be finalized. This requires the parents, or a judge, to come up with a plan in which the two parties share not only physical time with their child, but also decision… Read More »


Appealing A Child Custody Ruling

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Divorcing parents are generally encouraged to work together to come up with their own parenting plan, which includes details not only about how the parents will divide physical time with their child, but how they will share responsibility for childcare-related decision making. Reaching such an agreement is not, however, always possible, in which case… Read More »


Terminating Parental Rights

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Parents have certain legal rights when it comes to their children, including the right to visitation. Being a parent, however, also comes with significant legal obligations, including the duty to provide financially for their child. These rights and obligations can’t be violated, but it is possible to void them completely by terminating parental rights…. Read More »


Extended Family Custody Orders

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

No two families are the same, so it makes sense that custody arrangements will also differ depending on a family’s circumstances. It is sometimes, for instance, in a child’s best interests to remain with an extended family member, at least for a period of time. In these cases, it is possible to petition the… Read More »


Creating a Long Distance Time-Sharing Plan

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When it comes to child custody arrangements, Florida courts generally presume that frequent and continuing contact with both parents is usually in a child’s best interests. In many cases, these types of arrangements are relatively simple, as both parents live in the same area, have an amicable relationship, and can easily transport the child… Read More »

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