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Category Archives: Fort Lauderdale Divorce


What Happens To The Family Pet In A Florida Divorce?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

While our pets can feel like a part of the family sometimes, Florida law still considers them to be property. This can have important repercussions during divorce, where one party may be granted sole ownership of the animal. Fortunately, it is possible to enter into other types of agreements with your spouse, in which… Read More »


What Evidence Will I Need For My Divorce?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Couples who decide to end their marriages must contend with a host of issues before their union can be legally dissolved. The parties will, for instance, need to decide how marital assets will be divided, whether one of the spouses is entitled to alimony, and if the two share children, how they will divide… Read More »


Don’t Forget To Budget For These Post-Divorce Expenses

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Even those who are financially responsible often find themselves under pressure after divorce. Budgeting for certain post-divorce expenses can, however, make a significant difference in helping couples avoid financial straits  down the road, so if you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage and you have finance-related questions about how to prepare… Read More »


When Might I Need To Modify My Divorce Decree?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Once a judge approves a divorce settlement agreement, or resolves any divorce-related legal issues via litigation, he or she will finalize the process by issuing a divorce decree. These decrees are important, as they list the rights and responsibilities of both parties in regard to property division, alimony, and if appropriate, child support and… Read More »


Planning For A Florida Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

The decision to get divorced is not usually taken lightly, but comes after months or even years of debate and introspection. It would, however, be a mistake to assume that upon reaching this decision, the hard work is over. In reality, this resolution is only the beginning for divorcing couples. Fortunately, there are some… Read More »


Ground Rules For Living Together While Going Through A Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

While a couple may want to obtain separate residences while going through a divorce, doing so is not always an option. Often, couples may find themselves needing to wait until their shared home is sold, or they may need to grapple with other financial challenges that make maintaining two households impossible. Whatever the case,… Read More »


Things To Keep In Mind When Negotiating A Divorce Settlement

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Often, when people think of divorce, they imagine going up against a spouse in a courtroom and in the presence of a judge. While some divorces do need to be resolved through litigation, this isn’t the only way to obtain a divorce. In fact, many couples are able to avoid the courtroom entirely by… Read More »


Consider Consulting With These Professionals During Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Anyone who has made the decision to separate from a spouse knows how complicated the divorce process can be. While family members and friends can play a valuable role as a support system and sounding board during this process, they may not be in the best position to provide appropriate financial and legal advice…. Read More »


What Questions Will I Be Asked In A Divorce Deposition?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

The divorce process often involves depositions, during which both parties will be required to answer a series of questions, posed by each other’s attorneys, about issues that are in dispute. These answers can then be used at trial if the divorce ends up in litigation. In fact, it may be easiest to think of… Read More »


How Long Will My Florida Divorce Take?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Once a couple decides to file for divorce, they are often overwhelmed by a wide range of feelings, including everything from relief to anxiety. While these feelings often coincide with a strong desire to resolve the divorce and move on with their lives as quickly as possible, the reality is that divorce is not… Read More »

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