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Fort Lauderdale Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Unfortunately, circumstances arise when a parent who is supposed to pay child support cannot meet his or her obligations. Regardless of the reason, there are major potential consequences for not making child support payments in Florida, including jail time. At Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A., we represent people seeking to enforce child support orders, as well as those defending against actions for enforcement and contempt. Contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale child support enforcement attorneys today.

How to Enforce Child Support Orders in Florida

The Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) is in charge of enforcing child support orders throughout the state. Some of the civil and criminal sanctions the agency uses to get parents to pay child support include:

  • Notifying parents when they miss payments
  • Suspending Florida drivers’ licenses
  • Taking IRS tax refunds
  • Taking Florida Lottery winnings over $600
  • Taking support payments from workers’ compensation and reemployment assistance (formerly unemployment compensation)
  • Telling employers to take payments from paychecks
  • Placing liens on a parent’s car, boat or other property
  • Reporting past due support to credit agencies
  • Placing a hold and taking money from bank accounts
  • Taking the case to court because the parent did not do what the order says
  • Working with a court to issue an arrest warrant
  • Collecting medical expenses not covered by insurance

When a parent under court order to pay child support is delinquent in paying the support obligation, and other administrative remedies are exhausted (such as passport denial, credit reporting, intercepts and driver’s license suspension), a DOR case manager may request judicial enforcement. In which case, an attorney for the agency will file a Motion for Contempt or a Motion to Establish Arrears and repayment toward the arrears, depending on whether the parent has made an effort to comply or is prevented from complying. Contact our Fort Lauderdale child support enforcement attorneys for more information.

Our firm has experience petitioning for the enforcement of court orders, as well as defending clients against enforcement actions. Florida child support enforcement generally involves a hearing during which both parties are given an opportunity to tell their version of events. We ensure our clients are prepared for the hearing process with strong arguments that support their positions. We also stay abreast of new child support laws, which may affect a parent’s obligation to pay support.

Contact Us for Help with Fort Lauderdale Child Support Enforcement

If you need assistance with enforcing or defending a child support order in Florida, please contact Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. to discuss your options. Our Fort Lauderdale child support attorney has helped many clients collect unpaid support amounts.

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