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Fort Lauderdale Military Divorce Attorney

Military service members face divorce and family law issues that are not experienced by the general population. For example, deployment can have a significant impact on child custody and time sharing, and military pensions are subject to different rules for property division. The Fort Lauderdale military divorce attorneys of Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, we have experience handling military divorce cases, and are well-versed in the unique laws affecting service members stationed on military bases throughout Florida, including:

  • Cape Canaveral Air Station
  • Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach
  • Clearwater Coast Guard Air Station
  • United States Coast Guard Integrated Support Command, Miami
  • Homestead Air Reserve Base
  • Key West Naval Air Station

Divorce Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Addressing the Needs of Servicemen & Women

Any family going through divorce feels the emotional and financial impact of the situation, but when a military family faces divorce, there are unique circumstances that apply to the case, no matter if the divorce is contested or uncontested. Contact our Fort Lauderdale military divorce attorneys for more information, some of the major issues that may be involved in a military divorce in Florida include:

  • Defining legal residency for service members
  • Obtaining service upon an active duty spouse
  • Military child custody and child support
  • Issues of temporary custody when service members are deployed
  • Military benefits, such as housing and pensions
  • Special protection from certain divorce regulations due to service status

State & Federal Requirements for Military Divorce

While divorce is generally governed by state law, the federal government has enacted legislation that applies to divorces involving servicemen and servicewomen. For example, federal law covers when a military divorce proceeding may take place, under what circumstances it may be postponed, and how an active member of the military may be served. On the other hand, Florida law provides specific residency requirements for military families. You must have been a resident of Florida for at least six months or be stationed in Florida in order to legally qualify for a divorce in the state.

One of the most unique aspects of military divorce is how military pensions are handled during the distribution of marital property. The federal government enacted the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA) to govern how military retirement benefits are calculated and divided upon divorce. Under the law, a military member’s retirement benefits will not be divided and distributed unless he or she has been married 10 years or longer while on active duty.

Contact Our Experienced Fort Lauderdale Military Divorce Attorneys Today

If you are in need of a Fort Lauderdale military divorce attorney to handle a military divorce in Florida, please contact Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. to schedule a consultation at our office in Fort Lauderdale. We serve clients throughout the coastal communities of central and southeast Florida.

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