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Category Archives: Child Visitation Rights


Balancing Your Work-Home Life As A Co-Parent

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

A lot is expected of working parents, who often grapple with trying to balance quality time with their children with work and their day-to-day obligations. This endeavor can feel even more difficult for divorced co-parents. Doing so is not, however, impossible for those who plan ahead. Read on to learn more about balancing your… Read More »


What If My Co-Parent Violates Our Time-Sharing Plan?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Once finalized by a judge, a Florida parenting plan becomes a legally binding court order. This means that parents who fail to abide by the terms of that agreement face severe repercussions, including fines, fees, and contempt of court proceedings. There are a few different ways that parents can go about enforcing parenting plans,… Read More »


Making Your Florida Holiday Time-Sharing Plan Work

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

While the holidays are often a great time of year for reconnecting with family members and celebrating traditions, they can become contentious when two parents are separated or divorced. Fortunately, if parents work together and structure their parenting plans properly, they can stop these issues from ruining the holidays. Planning for the Holidays  There… Read More »


Reviewing Your Florida Parenting Plan

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Parents who share custody of a child in Florida will need to have a parenting plan in place to protect their parental rights and enforce things like visitation and child support. These parenting plans, however, while they are legally enforceable court orders, aren’t set in stone, as they can be modified if the need… Read More »


Automatically Modifying Your Parenting Plan

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In most cases, parents who wish to modify a parenting plan, whether they want to change the time-sharing schedule or modify how parental responsibility is divided, will need to ask the court to approve the change. There is, however, an exception to this rule that allows parents to include a provision in their parenting… Read More »


What Is Equal Time-Sharing?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Earlier this year, Florida lawmakers passed a groundbreaking piece of legislation that requires courts to presume that equal time-sharing, or a 50/50 split, is in a child’s best interests. While it is possible to overcome this presumption, the law is considered by many to be a major step towards a fairer custody process. 50/50… Read More »


Helping Your Child Adjust To Post-Divorce Life

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Making significant changes in a child’s life, regardless of the situation can be difficult, as children often lack the maturity and understanding to fully grasp the nature of the change. Helping a child adapt to these changes can be particularly difficult, however, when two parents are divorced. For instance, even when two parents share… Read More »


What Are Custody Evaluations?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Child custody evaluations are ordered in Florida family law cases where two parents are unable to reach a custody arrangement, with one parent claiming that the other is an unfit parent. In these situations, a judge has discretion to order an evaluation, where a licensed professional will help determine what kind of custody arrangement… Read More »


Makeup Parenting Time Awards

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In Florida, child custody is divided into two main categories: time-sharing and parental responsibility. The former refers to how much time a child spends with each parent, while the latter addresses how parents will share responsibility for making decisions on the child’s behalf. Once a court finalizes a divorce, the parenting plan put in… Read More »


Tips For Helping Your Child Make A Smooth Transition To The Classroom

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

The end of the summer vacation can be stressful, especially for parents who no longer live in the same household, but must work with a time-sharing schedule. Fortunately, there are steps that co-parents can take to help them navigate the back-to-school season more easily, while still focusing on what is best for their children…. Read More »

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