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Important Things To Remember When Co-Parenting This Summer


While many children breathe a sigh of relief when summer rolls around and the school year officially ends, many co-parents find these months difficult to navigate. Without a set school schedule and with children perhaps wishing to go to summer camps, both parents may be trying to set up separate family vacations, which can get complicated very quickly. Fortunately, by taking a few precautionary measures, it is possible for  two parents to co-parent effectively in the summer, while also maximizing family fun.

Maintain Your Parenting Plan 

Before a couple can get divorced in Florida, they must have a parenting plan in place that specifically lays out a time-sharing schedule. These plans should be detailed, so they cover not only the school year, but also holidays, like summer vacation. It’s important to abide by the terms of these plans. If, for instance, the schedule states that a child is to spend the second half of July with one parent, then that parent should make every effort to plan a family vacation during those weeks. Of course, if a change is necessary, it’s critical to communicate those adjustments to the other parent and try to voluntarily work out a different temporary arrangement.

Embrace Communication 

It’s impossible to predict the future, so it’s important for co-parents to stay in regular communication during the summer months. Regular check-ins can help ensure that both parents are successfully navigating the summer schedule, which could involve attending organized events, like summer camps, sports, and music lessons. Communication also plays a key role when one or both parents need to adjust the time-sharing schedule. Perhaps a family reunion is moved to a different weekend because of inclement weather. In these kinds of scenarios, one parent may need to switch visitation with the other parent. The best way to ensure that this happens smoothly and without any problems is for both parents to communicate clearly and regularly.

Remain Flexible 

While it may be annoying if a co-parent tries to change the dates of a family vacation at the last minute, it’s important for parents to remain flexible. After all, the other parent may find him or herself in a similar situation before the end of summer and could benefit from some flexibility of his or her own. Furthermore, remaining open to changes in the summer custody schedule can ensure that a child has continuing and meaningful contact with both of his or her parents. Being extremely rigid and unwilling to compromise also often ends up being more stressful for both parents and their children.

Speak with an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Child Custody Lawyer Today 

Co-parenting doesn’t stop with the finalization of your divorce, but can actually be thought of as just the beginning. We can support you throughout this process, from establishing a custody arrangement to helping you make adjustments to your parenting plan this summer. To learn more about how an experienced Florida child custody lawyer can help you with your custody-related questions and concerns, call Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. at 954-945-7591 today.




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