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Avoid These Mistakes when Filing Your Divorce Paperwork


The process of finalizing a divorce is already time-consuming, but can become even more so if the couple in question doesn’t submit the proper paperwork, or fails to submit it on time. To ensure that your own divorce paperwork is free of errors and that any delays in the process will not be attributable to your own mistakes, please contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer who can advise you.

Filing Late

One of the most common mistakes made by divorcing couples is submitting documentation after the applicable deadline. For example, when one spouse serves the other with divorce papers, the other spouse has 30 days to respond. Failing to file a response within this time frame could lead to significant delays and in some cases to the dismissal of the case.

Failing to Account for Debts and Assets

When attempting to obtain a divorce, couples are required to disclose all of their assets and debts, both to each other and to the courts. Accounting for all debts, including student loans and credit card debt, is especially important and must be recorded on the necessary divorce paperwork. This is especially true for debts that were accumulated during the course of the marriage, as these debts must be divided equitably upon divorce. Couples who fail to disclose these debts could end up having to pay off an unfair percentage after the finalization of the divorce. Similarly, failing to list all assets, as well as their value, could result in the creation of an unfair property settlement award.

Inconsistent Name Usage

Divorce paperwork can also become lost or rejected if couples do not remain consistent when listing their names. For instance, some people may list their name one way on initial paperwork and then another way on subsequent documents. Often, this occurs when a person adds an initial or middle name on only one of the forms, or when an individual is served and signs his or her name differently than the name listed on the document. These types of discrepancies can result in a failure to satisfy the rules regarding service of process, which can have important repercussions for a divorce case.

Listing an Incorrect Address

It is not uncommon during divorce for at least one of the parties to relocate. In these cases, it is important for those who move to a new residence to remember to include their new address on their paperwork. Failing to take this precaution could result in important court papers going to the wrong address, which can in turn lead to significant delays. Similarly, if courts don’t have a correct address, the parties could miss important court dates, causing a case to be dismissed.

Do You Need Help Completing Your Divorce Paperwork?

Even mistakes that seem minor can result in costly delays for divorce proceedings, so if you and your spouse have decided to file for divorce, please don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced Florida divorce lawyer Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. at 954-945-7591 for help preparing and submitting your divorce paperwork.





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