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Guidelines for Co-Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Recent events regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have caused upheavals in most of our lives. However, parents who share custody of children may also face unique obstacles during this time, as complying with a time sharing agreement may not be feasible or even safe. To learn more about your own custody options during the pandemic, please contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale child visitation and time-sharing lawyer who can advise you.

Stay Healthy

Those with children should be especially careful to comply with all CDC, state, and local guidelines regarding disease prevention. Modeling good behavior is also extremely important and can play a crucial role in helping children remember to wash their hands and maintain social distance from their friends. Parents should also focus on staying informed during the pandemic and relying only on dependable sources.

Be Mindful

Parents should try to remain honest about the seriousness of the pandemic when communicating with their children, but to also maintain a calm attitude when doing so. Parents may also want to avoid making careless comments in front of their children and refrain from exposing them to media coverage intended for adults, while also being sure to encourage their children to ask questions and express their concerns.

Be Compliant

It is important for parents who share custody of a child to comply with court orders and time sharing arrangements as much as possible. That being said, parents should not expect that nothing will change during this tumultuous time, as people have been advised not to travel, to avoid places of employment, and to implement social distancing. Additionally, some parents may need to work extra hours during this crisis or may even lose their jobs. This in turn means that some parts of parenting plans will have to change, albeit temporarily, in which case parents should remain focused on their child’s well-being and ensure that they stay in regular communication with each other.

Be Creative

Because it may not be possible for both parents to have access to their child in the near future, co-parents should focus on encouraging closeness in other ways. For instance, video chatting and making regular phone calls can help ensure that a parent is kept up-to-date on his or her child, while also preventing an unnecessary risk of exposure.

Be Transparent

Co-parents will also want to ensure that they continue to provide honest information to each other about the virus, including any suspected or confirmed exposure to the illness in their area. Parents should also be sure to agree on what steps to take in the event that one or the other tests positive for COVID-19. And of course, both parents should inform the other if their child begins to exhibit symptoms as soon as possible.

Florida Visitation and Time-Sharing Attorney

Co-parenting during a national emergency is difficult, making it especially important for parents to have a thorough understanding of their legal rights and obligations. Please call dedicated Fort Lauderdale family law attorney Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. at 954-945-7591 today for help with your parenting plan-related questions and concerns.


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