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Huffington Post Highlights Wedding Vows Written By Attorneys

Huffington Post recently highlighted the top wedding vows that attorneys who handle divorce and other family law-related legal disputes would write for couples, based on their extensive experience in this area. What they wrote reminds us of the importance of practicing kindness in relationships.

A wedding vow usually begins with “I Promise To”…

Watch Our Wedding Video

Couples have reported that watching their wedding video at least once per year helps remind them how much they want to be together in moments when they take each other for granted. Sometimes, remembering happy occasions can help you get through the more difficult ones.

Always Fight Fair

Starting a fight when two people are exhausted is not fair; neither is belittling the other person in front of family and friends, or threatening any kind of physical violence. Fighting fair can help preserve respect in a relationship.

Raise Our Kids as a Team

Raising children can be easier if there is a unified front when it comes to parenting style. This will always involve some give and take—as well as hard work—but it can make the difference for families.

Recognize That Marriage Has Its Dull Moments

Life itself can get boring—many couples assume that this means something has gone wrong with the marriage. Couples that last learn to embrace the dull with the fun that comes along with sharing a life together.

Respect Your Family

Showing respect to family members becomes even more important when kids are involved.

Never Run From Our Marriage Problems

It doesn’t take a marriage expert to know that if people are holding in their concerns because they are too afraid to communicate, they may blow up later on. Similarly, being able to listen to what your partner considers to be concerns—even if these issues never seemed like a big deal to you—can make a huge difference.

Be Completely Transparent About Finances

Money is often a subject of fights between couples. Being honest about finances, even if it is difficult, can help a couple work through financial issues together rather than letting these issues come to a head and cause interpersonal trouble.

Put You (And Our Kids) First

This goes without saying: healthy sacrifice in a relationship and putting the other person and/or any kids first can be a factor in keeping a marriage strong.

Never Threaten Divorce (Unless I Mean It)

It may be obvious that threatening to leave in order to get someone else to do what you want is not healthy for a relationship. And couples who make every effort possible to resolve differences before using the word ‘divorce’ often have a higher success rate. Even if things are at the point where there is a potential for separation, divorce should always be discussed in a cooperative, non-confrontational way.

Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A.

Regardless of how you, as a couple, have decided to move forward in your relationship, at some point, it can be helpful to consult a family law attorney in the process. Sandra Bonfiglio has experience in all areas of family law—divorce, custody, alimony, property division, etc.—and will always pursue the best option for her clients. Contact our office in Fort Lauderdale today so that we can discuss your concerns.

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