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Huffington Post Highlights the Lessons Learned from Divorce

Huffington Post recently asked people what their most valuable marriage lessons were, as learned from divorce. The responses highlight that going through a divorce often makes you “smarter” when it comes to love and relationships. These are some of the highlights of what people took away from the often difficult process:

Love Yourself First

If you want to provide love and support to someone else, it is crucial that you first do so for yourself in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

Prioritize Your Needs

Placing someone else’s needs can leave you feeling taken for granted and breed resentment in a relationship. Your partner is more likely to recognize your needs if you first do.

Marry For the Right Reasons

Marriage should never be pursued simply out of pressure or obligation, but rather out of a desire to share a life with your partner.

Support Yourself

Independence and the ability to take care of yourself can be empowering and prevent codependency in relationships.

Choose Honesty and Mutual Respect

Practicing honesty and mutual respect in communications with your partner can only help ensure that a relationship endures. Also see previous post regarding the importance of kindness.

Marriage May Not Be For You

There is no shame in recognizing that marriage may not be the right choice for you.

Do Not Gamble On Change

If you feel pressured to change yourself in order to co-exist with your partner, chances are that this will not be sustainable in marriage. Being loved for who you are can lay the foundation for your long-term needs.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

You can only be responsible for your own happiness, and not for the happiness of your partner. The purpose of partnership is to help each other with goals but not shift responsibility entirely onto your partner.

Marriage Is Work

There is no doubt that a sustainable marriage takes work on the part of each person.

Love Is Not About Money

Although it is advisable to partner with someone who has similar financial goals as you, a relationship cannot be entirely based on money versus love.

Address Problems Head-On

Ignoring problems only ensures that these issues come up again and again.

Marriage Does Not Define Who You Are

You are your own person, aside from your relationship.

Demonstrate Love

Many marriages fail because one or both individuals in the relationship are unsure of how the other person feels, and whether they still love them. Do not hesitate to show that you love someone.

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