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Category Archives: Child Custody


When Will a Court Hear a Child’s Testimony?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Divorce can be a difficult time for a family, especially for minor children who may struggle with adapting to all of the changes. While many children are not willing to express a preference about which parent they will primarily reside with, some older children may want to speak with the judge. Generally, courts are… Read More »


Child Custody Issues Faced by Unmarried Parents

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In Florida, just because a couple is unmarried does not mean that they are not required to come up with a custody or child support arrangement in the event of a separation. In fact, unmarried parents often face additional hurdles if the name of the child’s father is not on the birth certificate. In… Read More »


Strengthening Your Custody Battle Case

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

During a divorce, a custody battle is often the most contested issue couples face as they try to separate. Thus, it is something that both individuals will be striving to present the best case in hopes of swaying the outcome in their favor. However, it is important to remember that it is impossible to… Read More »


Understanding Sole Custody

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When you are going through a divorce, it is common to want sole custody of your children. For one reason or another many parents often have the sentiment that their ex-spouse is not what is best for their child. Thus, like any parent you want the best for your child and in your case… Read More »


Reasons to Object to a Child Relocation

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Once a divorce is finalized and child custody arrangements are agreed on, the newly separated family must learn to live with the changes in their dynamic. Unfortunately, after the family has grown used to their new normal, further changes can disrupt life for everyone. A common source of disruption in the lives of divorced… Read More »

The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in the State of Florida

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

The role of the guardian ad litem in the state of Florida is governed by Florida statute 61.403. Guardian ad litems are usually appointed in cases involving significant disputes between parents regarding the well being of the child or children. It should be noted that a guardian ad litem is not a mediator for… Read More »

Amending Your Time Sharing (Child Custody) Agreement

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Time sharing is a relatively newer term that replaces “child custody” in Florida. At the time of your divorce, a time sharing agreement, or, depending on when you filed for divorce, a child custody order, was entered into for the benefit of your children. In the best cases, this agreement was one that was… Read More »

Relocation With A Child After A Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

If you have a time sharing agreement (formerly known as a child custody agreement) with your ex-spouse, or someone one you are separated from, there are certain steps that you must take before you relocate with the child. There are different rules and requirements, depending on whether both parents agree to the move. As… Read More »

Parenting Plans: What Are They And Why Would I Want One?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Under Florida Statute § 61.046 (14), a parenting plan is defined as a document which is created for the specific purpose of governing the relationship between parents regarding decisions that need to be made about minor children for couples who are divorcing. It includes a “time-sharing schedule” for each parent and the child. What… Read More »

New Study on Spanking Children: Will It Affect Timesharing Decisions?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

New research suggests that the more children get spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents and experience anti-social, aggressive behavior, as well as mental health problems and cognitive difficulties. Given that this is now published as science, could this end up having an effect on what a court views as abusive… Read More »

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