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Who to Notify After a Divorce is Finalized


Once a divorce is officially granted in Florida the Clerk of Court will send a Report of Dissolution of Marriage to the Florida Department of Health. The divorce decree and any other court papers relating to the divorce will remain on file at the Clerk’s office. Copies of these reports can be requested for a nominal fee, and once you have copies of your divorce paperwork it is important to know who to notify after a divorce is finalized. Failing to let certain people and organizations know that you are divorced can cause problems in the future.

Insurance Companies

Updating your marital status with your insurance companies is extremely important and can sometimes save you money. Some health insurance companies require proof of divorce before allowing you to change your health coverage by removing a spouse outside of open enrollment periods. If you do not notify your health insurance company regarding your divorce in a timely fashion, you may end up paying for the health coverage of your ex-spouse longer than necessary.

Auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance policies should also be updated removing your spouse from your coverage.  Having one less adult driver on a policy may also lower your monthly premium.  Life insurance policies should also be updated removing your spouse as one of your beneficiaries to help your children or next of kin avoid any legal difficulties in the future.

Children’s Caretakers

Most public and private schools like to be notified if parents are divorced and no longer living together. It allows them to keep track of who is allowed to bring a child to school and remove them from school property. Day care facilities often have the same policies to ensure that the children they are taking care of are only being removed by a parent or another legal guardian.

When there is a custody agreement in place some schools will request a copy of the custody agreement in addition to the divorce decree. The documents are added to the child’s records and some schools ask the parents to update the school’s records annually to make sure the information they have is up to date. Discussing a divorce or custody agreement with a school might make you uncomfortable, but ultimately it is the best way to make sure your child’s school helps you to enforce your court ordered agreements.

Financial Institutions and Creditors

Depending on the final disposition of joint assets and debts you may need to notify your financial institutions and creditors regarding your divorce. Some debts may now be the responsibility of your spouse and creditors need a copy of the divorce decree to verify that they are collecting the debt correctly. Financial institutions may also require copies of your divorce decrees if you are removing your spouse from a joint bank account or simply changing your name on the account documentation.

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