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What’s Involved In A Home Study In Florida?


If you are thinking about an adoption in Florida, you will need to participate in a home study before you will be matched with any child.  Based on the name, most people think of this as a home inspection. However, a home study is actually much more involved that simply inspecting the home.

A home study includes the following:

  • A home inspection;
  • Background checks;
  • One or more interviews with family members;
  • A review of references;
  • Documentation of information.

A Home Inspection

The purpose of inspecting the home is so that the state of Florida can assure themselves that there is enough space for the child. In addition to adequate space, the house must have living conditions that promote both the safety and the health of the family. You should have a working fire extinguisher, fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector, etc. Any firearms in the home must be locked up for safe keeping, and out of reach of children.

Background Checks

Background checks will be performed on all adults living in the home. Children age 12 or older will also be subject to criminal record checks. The Central Abuse Registry will also be checked.

One or More Interviews with Family Members

An evaluation of your family’s financial circumstances will be performed. It is important to be able to establish financial security. The interviews will also address your reasons for wanting to adopt. You will be asked about your parenting philosophy. You will be asked about your parenting style. If you have children, or experience with children, you will likely be asked to provide examples to illustrate your style and philosophy. If you are married, you will be asked about your marriage. If you have been married for less than two years, you can expect heightened scrutiny.

A Review of References

You will be expected to provide a minimum of five written references. These references should discuss the author’s observations about the prospective adoptive parent. In particular, it should address the prospective parent or parents’ ability or capacity to parent. You will also be expected to provide references from your employers. Additionally, if you have school aged children, you will be required to provide references from your children’s school.

What Should I Do If I Want To Adopt In The State Of Florida?

Adoption is an exciting time for any family.  If you are seeking to adopt, contact Fort Lauderdale adoption attorney Sandra Bonfiglio for immediate assistance.



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