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What Is The Florida Putative Father Registry, And How Can It Affect My Child’s Pending Adoption?


What is the Florida Putative Father Registry?

The Florida Putative Father Registry is a central state registry maintained within the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. The purpose of the Florida Putative Father Registry is to allow a man, who believes he is the biological father of child who’s mother he is not married to, to preserve his right to be given notice and provide or withhold consent in the event of a planned adoption. It also serves to confirm a father’s willingness and intent to support the child, consistent with the law.

How Does the Florida Putative Father Registry Work?

If a man believes he is the father of a child, either born or unborn, and he is not married to the child’s mother, he can go to the Bureau of Vital Statistics web page dedicated to the Florida Putative Father Registry and print off the Claim of Paternity form. The form includes a series of questions about the father’s name, date of birth, address, phone number, and physical description. The Claim of Paternity form provides the option of assigning an agent or representative to receive notice of any adoption proceedings filed against the mother or child listed on the form. However, if an agent or representative is listed, that person must personally sign the form as well.

Next, it asks the potential father to offer a date and location of the conception. The form also seeks information about the mother, including name, address, and physical description. Finally, the form asks for detailed information on the child, including name, city, county and state of birth, as well as birth date.

This form is filled out and mailed, with a $9.00 fee, to the state of Florida.

Is There A Limit To When A Man Can File His Claim Of Paternity With The Florida Putative Father Registry?

Yes. A claim can be filed at any time during the pregnancy. However, claims filed after a petition is filed for the termination of parental rights, so as to effectuate an adoption, are not considered valid.

Can Someone Who Has Filed With The Florida Putative Father Registry Change Their Mind?

Yes. At any time before the birth of the child, the registrant can return to the website and print off the written revocation of the claim of paternity that had previously been filed. This, too, must be sent in to the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Can I Search The Florida Putative Father Registry To See If The Father Of The Child I Want To Adopt Has Been Included In The Registry?

No. The Registry is confidential. However, your lawyer, in conjunction with appropriate court officials, can search the registry. You may rest assured that a search will be done prior to your adoption.

What Should I Do If I’m Thinking Of Adopting A Child?

Adoption is an exciting time for any family. If you are seeking to adopt, contact Fort Lauderdale adoption attorney Sandra Bonfiglio for immediate assistance.



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