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What Is The “Divorce Diet,” And Is It Good Or Bad For You?

On August 17th, Today featured an interesting article about the psychology of eating after divorce, where many experience a loss of interest in food very generally, and the effect it can have on you. While it is obvious that most people going through a divorce are going to experience stress and anxiety, which can, of course, affect appetite, for many, all of the accompanying emotions like anger, grief, and fear can make the experience almost completely overwhelming, producing an actual physiological response.

Some experts even hypothesize that a feeling of loss of control can be subconsciously contributing to the effect, as some feel as though their lives are out of control during divorce, but eating is the one thing they can control. Divorce can also be incredibly energy-draining, particularly given all of the changes taking place for you, and sometimes your children.

Yet these same experts have pointed out that this isn’t always necessarily a bad thing: If you have been stuck in a miserable marriage, where you haven’t been taking care of yourself, and are now losing weight simply because you are taking care of yourself, divorce can actually be an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle.

For anyone experiencing this appetite and weight loss effect during divorce, the experts had some guidelines to offer:

Stress-Induced Appetite Loss Is Unhealthy

Remember that losing weight isn’t always a healthy thing, particularly if you get below the threshold of what’s considered healthy for your body type. If you find food nauseating, try to still get nutrients by ingesting liquid calories, such as smoothies.

The Weight Will Likely Come Back

Eventually, many who experience this effect in a negative way find that they eventually return to their normal weight, as most people post-divorce come to a point where they decide they want to work to get their life back on track after experiencing depression.

Sleep and Exercise

It is also important to try and manage one’s anxiety and get enough rest. Sometimes engaging in yoga or meditation can help, as well as obtaining emotional support from friends and family.

Ask For Help

It is a societal trend for women to often place themselves last. While you are going through a divorce, friends and family sometimes don’t exactly know how they can help. If you are feeling hungry, tired, or stressed, ask for help, and be specific about what you need.

Divorce Can Be a Rebirth

Regardless of how much you wanted the divorce, it is still possible to experience sadness over it. What can sometimes be helpful is focusing on opportunities that would not have been available to you had you stayed in the marriage.

Compassionate Representation during Divorce

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