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The Most Common Questions About Divorce


Divorce is complicated, but most people are familiar with the main aspects of the process. Many couples, for instance, are aware that they will have to divide at least some of their assets before their divorce will be finalized. It is still not uncommon, however, for couples to still have questions about some of the legal facets of obtaining a divorce. We’ve included a few of these questions, as well as some brief answers, but are aware that these are probably not the only questions that you have. To learn more, please reach out to our experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys today.

Is My Spouse Entitled to Half of Everything that I Own?

The short answer to this question is yes. Most assets acquired during a marriage are considered marital property and so are subject to equitable distribution. It is only assets that were obtained prior to a marriage that will remain in one party’s sole possession. However, an equitable distribution does not necessarily mean that assets will always be split exactly down the middle (although this does occur in many cases). Instead, courts will be directed by what it deems to be a fair division.

How Much Alimony am I Entitled To?

Florida courts are required to assess a number of different factors when determining how much a spouse will receive in alimony, the form that those payments will take, and how long he or she will be entitled to those payments. For this reason, the answer to this question will depend on the specific facts of a person’s case, including the length of the couple’s marriage, whether there is a significant disparity in income, the parties’ ages, and each individual’s employability. For help determining how these factors could affect your own case, please call our office today.

How Much Time Will I Have with My Kids?

Like alimony-related decisions, determining how two parents will divide custody is based on a list of statutory factors, all of which are used to create a time sharing schedule that is in a particular child’s best interests. While courts presume that some sort of shared parenting plan is usually best for a child, the specific facts of a case could require a different kind of schedule, where a child primarily resides with one parent, but has visitation with the other.

How Much Child Support Will I Receive/Pay?

In Florida, child support amounts are based on a mathematical calculation that takes both parents’ incomes into account, as well as the expense of raising a child, including childcare costs and health insurance expenses. How much time each parent spends with his or her child, as well

as how many children will need to be supported, will also have a significant impact on how much a parent owes in child support.

Are You Considering Divorce?

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