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The Complications of High Asset Divorces


When going through a divorce, the process of dividing property, assets, and other personal belongings can result in a stressful and contentious situation. It is likely that there are certain pieces of property that both parties desire and are reluctant to relinquish control of. This dilemma is often taken to a new extreme during a high asset divorce. Regardless of how willing each party is to comply with the requests of their spouse, this asset division process can become difficult very fast. Some of the common assets that must be divided in a high asset divorce include real estate, investments, businesses, retirements, motor vehicles, and jewelry. Often times each spouse is willing to take great steps to protect certain assets they believe is theirs.

With more property to keep track of, the process of effectively dividing the assets get exponentially more difficult. This is also coupled with the reality that you may need to ensure that your spouse is not trying to hide assets or belongings from you during the divorce. Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence in high asset divorces, and is something that the court takes very seriously. In the event that you believe your spouse is hiding assets from you, it is imperative that you immediately inform your divorce attorney.

Alternative Forms of Divorce Negotiations

In order to keep matters private and avoid the public spectacle of a divorce in a courtroom, the state of Florida allows couples going through a divorce to settle the matter through the process of mediation. This option is becoming increasingly popular in the state of Florida, where the rate of divorce is one of the highest in the country. During mediation you will be able to sit down with your spouse in a private setting and hash out the various elements of the divorce until you reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Each party will have the time to present their opinions and concerns while the other spouse hears them out. The discussion will be presided over by a mediator who is an unbiased individual trained in facilitating negotiations between two parties. During effective mediation, both parties should feel comfortable to openly discuss their desires and willing to work together to reach an agreement.

Contact Us for Professional Representation 

Regardless of your financial situation a divorce can be a complex process. However, with the help of an experienced divorce attorney you can rest assured that you are making informed decisions that will best serve your future. Many people do not grasp the reality that the decisions they agree to in their finalized divorce agreement will ultimately play a significant role in how the rest of their life plays out. Thus, it is critical that you are receiving effective counsel that will guide you through the process and ensure that you are laying the framework for your life after divorce. If you are in need of assistance, contact Fort Lauderdale family law attorney Sandra Bonfiglio. Attorney Bonfiglio will advocate on your behalf and you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that an experienced attorney is fighting for your best interests. Call 954-945-7591 today for a free consultation.

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