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Temporary Court Orders


Dissolving a marriage can be a lengthy process, even for couples with a relatively amicable relationship. Recognizing that some issues, particularly those related to parental time sharing, child support, and family expenses must be resolved much earlier than the actual finalization of the divorce, courts often enter temporary family law orders addressing these types of issues. Although not final, these orders can help families retain a measure of stability while their divorces are still pending, so if you and your spouse have filed for divorce and you have questions about requesting a temporary family law order, you should contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney who can address your concerns.

Protecting Assets  

Temporary family law orders can and do address a number of issues depending on a family’s particular circumstances. For instance, some orders merely prohibit one spouse from attempting to sell or hide a couple’s assets in an effort to avoid equitable distribution during the settlement process. These kinds of orders bar spouses from removing funds from bank accounts, hiding marital assets, or selling personal or real property, unless the sale is being completed to cover household expenses or attorney’s fees.

Support-Related Issues  

In addition to hidden assets, temporary family law orders also address a family’s means of financial support, such as:

  • Whether one party will be required to pay child support and in what amount;
  • Who will temporarily cover payment of specific marital debts;
  • Who will be awarded temporary possession of which marital assets; and
  • Whether one party will be required to pay the other a certain amount in alimony every month.

Resolving these issues, even on a temporary basis, can help couples ensure how they will pay family expenses and support their children while their divorces are pending.

Child Custody  

Finally, temporary family law orders can be used to determine certain parenting time-related issues, including:

  • Who will retain the family home;
  • How parenting time will be divided between the parties;
  • Whether both parties will be barred from permanently removing the couple’s children from the court’s jurisdiction; and
  • Whether one party will be required to pay temporary child support in a certain amount per month.

Temporary family law orders play an especially important role in childcare-related matters, as they can help parents more easily navigate their new arrangements, including clearly explaining which days each parent will have responsibility for caring for the children, how the parties will communicate about childcare-related matters, who will be required to make regular child support payments, and ensuring that both parents are aware of their limitations when it comes to relocating with their children while the divorce is pending.

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