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Talking To Your Child About Divorce


The prospect of divorce can be a chilling thought for anyone considering ending their marriage. Initially, many individuals may feel shame or guilt associated with knowing their relationship is ending, however, many individuals know that the fresh start offered by a divorce is one of the best life decisions they made. This is not to say that divorce is not filled with great pain and hardship. One of the toughest parts of divorce is notifying your children that their parents will be separating. While this can be a tough conversation, it is important to remember that this is an exceedingly common situation in this country, and one in which you will have plenty of support should you chose to embark. In fact, in the United States alone nearly 23 million American children live in single-parent homes.

Talking To Your Kids 

While every child will handle the news differently, it is important to tailor your conversation to the age of the child you are speaking with. Depending on the age of your child, you may need to explain to them the process of divorce and what exactly will be happening. It is important to remember that you do not need to go into specific detail about the circumstances surrounding your divorce, however, it is important that you stress the following items when speaking with your child so they are aware of where they fit in the midst of the situation:

  • Let the child know that they have the right to feel however they want. Encouraging your child to be open with their emotions and express their feelings about the situation is extremely important;
  • Assure your child that the divorce is not their fault. Let them know that they are in no way responsible for the circumstance between their parents, and assure them that your love for them will not change;
  • Ensure your child knows that there is an abundance of outside support available should they need it. Also, let them know that you can answer any question they may have.

These points should just be the beginning of the communication you have with your child. It goes without saying that as the divorce proceeds these types of conversations will need to continue and become more in depth.

Parenting Plan 

After speaking with your children, the next step will be to start working with your spouse to create an effective parenting plan. While this may not be something that interests you, it is important to remember that it is almost always best for the child to have both parents active in their life. The state of Florida is very proactive in ensuring that both parents play an active role in a child’s life following a divorce. In fact, Florida legal statutes have removed the language mentioning “visitation” and “custody” from the law and have since replaced those terms with “parental responsibility” and “time-sharing”.

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If you are facing divorce the prospect of this life altering situation can be extraordinarily overwhelming. Attorney Sandra Bonfiglio can help you design the best plan to manage the difficulties associated with divorces, such as parental responsibility and ensuring what is best for your children. Attorney Bonfiglio will take the time to understand your situation and then work with you to ensure that your future and the future of your children are taken care of. Do not brave the path of divorce alone; get the advice of an experienced Fort Lauderdale family law attorney. Call 954-945-7591 now for a free consultation.




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