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Supporting Your Child During Divorce

Many parents going through legal separation or divorce are concerned about it affecting their children, whether the children are five, 10, or 15, years old. There are numerous studies indicating that divorce can affect a child’s levels of dependence and independence, behavioral issues, and security.

It’s understandable why a child might feel as though their world has turned upside down; many issues are decided during divorce, including child custody, support, and visitation, alimony, division of property, and other changes that could impact their everyday lives.

Although separation and divorce are difficult for everyone involved, there are ways to provide extra attention and support to ease any tension that children may be feeling. The following may be helpful to keep in mind if you are dealing with divorce and are concerned about your children:

Keep Routines and Rituals

Routines provide stability, consistency and structure to children’s lives. This can allow children to feel more in control of their lives (in spite of the changes), and avoid behavioral issues to address a lack of feeling in control.

Try to Get Along With and Be Considerate Of Your Ex. Communicate Directly With Each Other.

Avoiding conflict that children are easily able to pick up on, nasty remarks about the other parent, and communicating with the other parent through the child can help ease the tension, fear, and frustration that children can experience during the separation process. It can also help avoid your child experiencing any indirect feelings of guilt if you fight about child-related matters. It is better if your child is not be made to feel that he or she has to take “sides” between the parents.

Ask Questions. Be A Good Listener.

Staying interested in your child’s life helps them continue to feel valued, as though the circumstances in their lives have not drastically changed, in spite of the separation. How you discuss the separation or divorce can also help your children deal with issues that they are having. Experts suggest that you be honest and truthful with your children throughout the process, remind them how much you love them, and assure them that you will deal with any difficult changes that come up together, as a team. Planning your conversation together and presenting a united front, as parents, can help them feel more reassured and safe.

Florida courts will always be most concerned with the best interests of the child. Taking the time and ensuring that you are the best custodial parent works in the best interest of everyone involved, including your child. Your ability to work through any difficulties demonstrates to your child that they live in a stable, secure, safe environment.

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