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Social Media, Communication, and Divorce


Perhaps it comes as no surprise that, according to recent survey results, there’s been an increase in the overall use of social media in divorce cases. As a result, Huffington Post recently featured an article on the many ways in which social media can interfere with marriage.

Direct Interference: Too Much Time on Phone, Not Enough Time Engaged

Logically, as social media and use of apps has become more and more popular, more people are spending time on their phones while at home instead of talking to each other and/or engaging in quality time with their spouse.

Reconnecting With Someone

It is common for many people to use social media to reconnect with friends from their past, but sometimes, engaging in regular conversations with these individuals without informing your spouse can give off the impression that you are hiding something. Some even take that next step of having an affair with old partners which, even if only temporary, can do irreparable harm to your marriage. Simply being open and honest when it comes to your social network activities can help prevent this.

Unrealistic Standards

Many people complain that social media often gives off the impression that other people’s marriages or single lives are “perfect,” while your own is not. Remember that, in reality, you know very little about these other relationships, so be careful about making comparisons. Instead, channel that energy into your own relationship, and remember that sometimes photos are staged to appear a particular way.

Too Much Personal Information

Posting too much personal information about your partner and/or your relationship online can foster distrust.

General Caution If You Are Pursuing Divorce

Remember that information from social media websites is increasingly being used as evidence in family law cases, most of it sourced from Facebook, specifically. Even if you block certain people from seeing your posts, if your connections can still tag you in their posts, that information could still be used against you. For example, perhaps it connects you with various assets that you haven’t declared as part of your divorce. Keep this in mind when managing your social media accounts, and managing your divorce.

In addition, admissible evidence isn’t just limited to social media; texts and emails can actually be subpoenaed as well. In fact, text messages are often the most common form of evidence in divorce cases, and they can be printed. Either spouse can also subpoena any text messages from the cell phone company, or track a spouse by activating a GPS service on the cellphone, and recording conversations.

Divorce can be a stressful, trying time, and it’s sometimes instinctive to send your ex an angry or frustrated text message without thinking it through first.  It’s a good rule of thumb to simply avoid writing anything anywhere that you would not be comfortable with a judge reading.

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