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Self-Isolation Resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic Could Trigger Divorce


Millions of people across Florida and the country as a whole are self-isolating due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. This has proven to be a radical disruption in the lives of many, especially those who have young children, have become ill, or who have experienced job loss. These pressures, in addition to current fears regarding the pandemic, could lead to a significant uptick in the number of divorces that are filed this year.

While many aspects of our lives may be on hold, couples should still do what is best for themselves and their families, which may mean initiating divorce proceedings. If your own marriage is on the rocks and you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you should immediately make plans to contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney who can advise you during this difficult time.

A Change in Daily Routines

Divorce filings are on the rise across the country, with many experts pointing to the quarantine-related stresses that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic as the primary cause, including the loss of a regular routine. Many law firms, attorneys, and legal experts across the world who have seen an increase in requests for information about divorce, liken the experience to the time immediately following the winter holidays, when couples have historically been more likely to file for divorce because of the depression and anxiety that comes with the loss of a regular daily routine.

Financial Stress

Aside from the stress that often comes with the loss of a familiar daily routine, many couples are beginning to struggle financially as a result of job loss, which in turn can heighten already existing tensions in a marriage. Financial stress is one of the biggest stressors for married couples, even during times when our global economy isn’t entering a recession. With the combination of fears over infection and exposure to COVID-19, these stresses could become more than a couple’s marriage can handle.

Limited Human Contact

The close proximity to family members that self-isolation requires can also place a significant amount of stress on couples, especially for those who were already grappling with marital problems prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, the closure of businesses across the state means that many Florida residents are not only barred from going into work, but also from visiting friends, working out at the gym, participating in athletics, or attending therapy, all of which can play an extremely important role in helping couples cope with stress. Alternatively, the lack of distractions could reveal problems that a couple has been able to ignore amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. In either case, the stress of confinement is often too much for a struggling marriage to endure, in which case, the parties should begin considering their legal options.

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