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Protecting Your Personal Information During Divorce


Obtaining a divorce doesn’t just involve the severing of a legal bond, but also often requires that couples go to great lengths to disentangle their lives. Maintaining the security of your personal information, for instance, may become more important, especially in our digital age. We’ve included a few tips that can help you protect your own privacy during divorce. To learn more, please reach out to an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer today.

Agree to Privacy Ahead of Time

Even spouses who are separating, but who have a cordial relationship and a degree of trust may want to start taking a few precautionary measures towards protecting their privacy during divorce. It is important, for instance, to remain concerned about sensitive information, including bank statements and online passwords. One of the best ways to start this process is to enter into an agreement with your spouse, in which both parties agree to respect the other’s private information. Maintaining this kind of agreement can go a long way towards giving both parties peace of mind regarding their sensitive information, giving them less reason to worry about their information being used to obtain a better settlement or for a personal benefit.

Change Your Passwords

Changing your passwords regularly is always a good idea, but altering passwords to important personal and non-joint accounts is particularly important during divorce. This is especially true for email accounts, social media accounts, and bank accounts. By using more complex passwords, divorcing couples can add another layer of protection to their privacy.

Avoid Social Media

While it may be tempting to post about your divorce on a social media platform, doing so is not usually a good idea. Instead, divorcing couples should consider staying off social media entirely throughout the divorce process. Posting information in a public forum can have a number of consequences, giving unfair impressions in court or even affecting a final settlement agreement.

Secure Important Documents

Many divorcing couples are also encouraged to place all of their personal documentation in one, secure place. Keeping those documents, including bank account information, Social Security Numbers, birth certificates, and other important documents in a safe or security deposit box, or even at the house of a close relative could help divorcing couples avoid losing those documents or accidentally letting someone else see their private information.

Protecting Your Finances

You shouldn’t hide assets during divorce. In fact, all couples are required to disclose certain financial information to the courts when ending a marriage. You can, however, take steps to protect assets that strictly belong to you. Opening a separate bank account is one way to ensure that only you have access to certain records and statements and that funds aren’t transferred without your permission. Obtaining a separate credit card can also protect your finances, while giving you a head start on building your credit score.

A Dedicated Florida Divorce Lawyer

Figuring out how to protect your privacy during divorce can be difficult to do on your own. To learn more from an experienced Florida divorce attorney, please call Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. Call today at 954-945-7591 or fill out an online contact form to set up an initial consultation.

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