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Preparing for Remarriage After a Divorce


The time immediately following a divorce is often a period of readjustment for all parties. Children must learn how to live in a single parent household while former spouses find ways to communicate effectively. Eventually the new dynamic changes when one or both former spouses decide to get remarried. Over the years, the number of adults getting remarried after a divorce is steadily rising in the United States. Combining households is more efficient and individuals who were previously married have a greater chance of being financially stable. Regardless of your reasons for getting remarried, preparing for remarriage after a divorce is often time consuming, especially if children or financial maintenance is involved.

Family Relationships

Introducing a new spouse as a permanent member of the household requires a great deal of readjustment within the family. No matter how long a couple has dated, the idea that a person is now committing themselves to the family for the near future can be unsettling for children and other family members. After the strain of a divorce family members and friends might fear the possibility of another stressful divorce. The chances of getting divorced increase with each subsequent marriage, so it is important to acknowledge the concerns of those who may be unenthusiastic about a second marriage.

Inheritance Issues

Once a person remarries, certain insurance policies, property, and financial accounts can be automatically turned over to a new spouse at the time of their husband or wife’s death. A person who has children must consider the possibility of their children being negatively affected if they die prior to creating or updating a will. Prior to getting remarried, a person should do what they can to protect their heirs.

Alimony and Child Support Amounts

Florida calculates child support based on the amount of money each parent would contribute towards the care of the child if they were all living in the household together. Other children and financial assets are used when determining child support amount. The financial capabilities and earning potential of a spouse is used in Florida when determining maintenance payments. Remarriage can potentially affect these support amounts if the household’s income changes significantly. Parents who are dependent on child support or maintenance payments must find out if their payment amounts will decrease or end after getting remarried.

Consulting an Attorney for Help

Getting married should be a joyous event that everyone looks forward to celebrating. However, it is also important to be realistic and do what is necessary to protect yourself and the children from your previous marriage. Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. can provide you with the advice that you need. An experienced family law attorney, Sandra is able to review the terms of your divorce with you to help determine if a remarriage will affect your divorce, custody, or support agreements. She has helped parents resolve divorce issues and can be trusted to protect your rights and the rights of your children. Conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, contact her today at 954-945-7591 to schedule a consultation today.




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