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Parenting Plans For Infants


Having an effective parenting plan is critical for parents who are no longer together, regardless of the age of their children. These arrangements are, however, particularly important for those who are co-parents to infants, who require a lot more hands-on care as they grow. An experienced Fort Lauderdale child visitation and time-sharing lawyer can help parents create a plan that allows both to establish meaningful bonds with their child and help that child meet his or her developmental needs.


Routines are good for all children, especially during divorce. They become especially important, however, for infants, who will benefit from the sense of security that routines can create. These plans can be specialized in the parenting plan to account for the parents’ work schedules and the child’s particular needs at each stage of his or her life.

Shorter, Frequent Visits

Having frequent contact with both parents is important for infants, who should see both parents at least every few days. The child can either travel between homes constantly, or if one parent has custody for a full week, the other parent can schedule one or two short visits during that time. For children who are breastfeeding, having an established parenting schedule is particularly important, although developing a plan around feeding times can be difficult. Some parents in this situation find that planning for shorter, but more consistent visits with the father can help him bond with the child.

Communicate Regularly

Successful co-parenting requires at least some form of regular communication between a child’s parents. This is especially true for parents of infants, who reach new milestones quickly. The parents will need to keep each other up-to-date on these developmental changes, particularly those that affect the child’s safety. Both parents should, for instance, be aware of when their child starts to crawl, walk, or place things in his or her mouth. For parents with a relatively healthy relationship, sending photos and videos of the child regularly can help that parent stay in the loop regarding the child’s development. If a relationship is contentious, the parents should limit their conversations to childcare-related topics.

Protect the Child from Conflict

A child will be more likely to create a strong bond with both parents if he or she is protected from parental conflict from an early age. Time with both parents is critical at this stage in the child’s life and avoiding parental conflict can help make these visits go more smoothly and give the child a sense of security as he or she grows and develops.

Hire a Dedicated Florida Child Visitation and Time-sharing Attorney

Co-parenting can be stressful, especially for parents of very young children. Experienced Florida child custody lawyer Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. is committed to helping families come up with custody arrangements that will be best for both the parents and the children. Contact us at 954-945-7591 to learn more about how our legal team could help with your own custody-related questions and concerns.



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