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Navigating Social Media During Divorce


Going through a divorce can be an emotionally draining process, so it’s not uncommon during these kinds of upheavals in a person’s life for an individual to reach out to friends and family for support. Generally, this is to be encouraged during the divorce process, as a support system can make all the difference when it comes to getting through these kinds of proceedings. How these connections are made, however, matters during divorce. It is, for instance, important to exercise caution when posting online during divorce proceedings.

Posting Can Have Legal Repercussions 

Posting a photo or status update may seem harmless in terms of the consequences it can have on a couple’s divorce. This, however, is far from the truth. In reality, the content posted online, especially on social media platforms during divorce can have significant legal repercussions. Photos, status updates, and comments from friends and family can, for example, be used to provide leverage against the poster and can end up damaging a spouse’s case. For these reasons, it is very important for divorcing couples to use extra caution when navigating social media during their divorce. It’s critical to remember that annoying posts online can be seen by just about anyone, including those who are directly involved in the divorce case.

Social Media Posts Can Generate Conflict 

Besides having legal repercussions, posting on social media during divorce can generate conflict between the parties. During a time when tensions are already heightened, even a post that seems relatively benign could be hurtful to a spouse. Of course, it’s not a person’s responsibility to manage a soon-to-be former spouse’s emotional responses, using care when posting online while divorce proceedings are still pending can help keep interactions from becoming contentious. Of course, couples should always avoid criticizing an ex-spouse on social media while the divorce is ongoing. Not only will this make a party less willing to negotiate, but it can be used by a court as evidence of one party’s character.

Content Can be Used Against the Poster 

It can be tempting to vent frustrations or even just to share updates of the progress of a divorce, doing so on social media isn’t usually a good idea during divorce. Whether related to a couple’s finances, personal relationship, or even the parties’ children, the information posted online can be used against a person in court. Photos and posts can also be misinterpreted and taken out of context in a way that could harm a person’s case. For instance, posting a photo at a bar with friends could be used as evidence against a person when it comes to custody arrangements. Even photos from a trip could be interpreted as evidence of the reckless spending of marital assets.

Contact an Experienced Florida Divorce Lawyer 

To avoid having anything you post on social media used against you during divorce proceedings, you should be sure to utilize your privacy settings for added protection. You can also connect with friends in-person and so avoid communicating with them on social media (at least while the proceedings are still pending) at all. If you are ever in doubt about the potential consequences of posting online, be sure to consult with an attorney before moving forward. Experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. is here to help you with these, and any other, divorce divorce-related legal matters you may encounter.




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