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How Long Will My Florida Divorce Take?


Once a couple decides to file for divorce, they are often overwhelmed by a wide range of feelings, including everything from relief to anxiety. While these feelings often coincide with a strong desire to resolve the divorce and move on with their lives as quickly as possible, the reality is that divorce is not instantaneous. How long it takes for a case to be resolved, however, varies based on the circumstances of the case, so if you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, it may be helpful to reach out to an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer, who can assist you in navigating the hurdles that you may face.

Is Your Divorce Contested?

How long it takes to finalize a divorce depends largely on the type of divorce in question. A simplified dissolution of marriage, for instance, tends to be resolved most quickly, as both parties must agree to the terms beforehand. In most cases, these kinds of divorces can be resolved in around a month or two. Couples with children, or who are seeking alimony, however, won’t qualify for a simplified dissolution of marriage. Fortunately, even if a couple shares children, they could still qualify for an uncontested divorce, which means that the parties agree on all divorce-related issues, including alimony, property division, and parenting plans. Couples who go this route will need to draft a Marital Settlement Agreement before attending a final hearing. Uncontested divorces can be resolved in as little as four to six months.

Couples who disagree on the terms of a divorce and decide to litigate the case in court can expect their proceedings to go on much longer, as a judge will be required to go over every aspect of the case. Both parties will also be required to attend mediation before they can go to court, which can add time to an already lengthy process. A contested divorce could take anywhere from between nine months to three years, or even longer.

Steps to Help the Divorce Process Go More Smoothly

It isn’t always possible to shorten divorce proceedings. A couple with an extremely contentious relationship, for instance, will likely face an uphill battle when ending their marriage. Couples who have a somewhat amicable relationship and are at the beginning of the divorce process can, however, take steps to help simplify the divorce proceedings. Attempting to resolve issues in an out-of-court setting can, for instance, help divorce proceedings go much more smoothly and be resolved more quickly. Hiring a lawyer can also help couples get through the divorce process more easily by shifting some of the burden of filings and negotiations to the shoulders of an experienced legal representative.

Obtaining Legal Representation for Your Divorce

If you’re considering filing for divorce, arrange a free consultation by calling a member of our dedicated legal team at 954-945-7591. We can answer your questions and help you set up a meeting with dedicated Florida divorce lawyer Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. today.



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