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How Do You Know If Your Custody Agreement Is Appropriate?

The Huffington Post recently did a feature on couples that separate or divorced over the summer and are now having to adjust to their custody schedule for their child’s school year. While many couples find that adjustments are needed to their agreement as time goes on, there are some general guidelines provided in the article for initially sizing up the arrangement:

Realistic Expectations

It is entirely possible, when a couple first separates, that one or both parents try to make unrealistic custody arrangements that do not fit with work schedules or are in the best interest of the child. An experienced attorney is typically able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to making sound plans before they are finalized, but if not, you could end up with an arrangement that just won’t work.

As a parent, it is crucial that you are able to keep promises and be there for your child, in their best interest, as this could determine your future rights with respect to custody time with your child. Thus, know that although there will always be an adjustment at the start of a new school year, it may also be necessary to take a second look at your agreement and revise it with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Your Child’s Age, Activities, and Needs

Sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate all of the necessary factors into an initial child custody agreement. Not only do you have to account for your work schedule, but other commitments, child day care availability, and all of the many needs your child may have based upon their age–many of which are constantly changing. And some or many of these activities may have initially been handled by your ex-spouse prior to your split, making it even more difficult to come up with an arrangement that is appropriate for your child and their needs. There are so many factors that can adjust in the span of a month, both for your child and perhaps even your own work schedule.

Any changes to a parenting plan needs to be made through the court, however, if you find yourself following certain patterns—such as giving your ex-spouse a certain day/time slot with your child that you cannot make work at the moment—know that the court may incorporate this as a permanent change to the plan. Therefore, if you need to change your parenting plan, it is advisable to do so knowingly with the assistance of your attorney such that any informal adjustments cannot be used against you in court.

Communicating With the Other Parent

Your attorney can also assist you with a plan to communicate with your ex that makes you comfortable and still demonstrates to the court that you have that positive line of communication that serves the best interest of the child.

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