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Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney

If you are facing divorce, the financial and emotional strain can be overwhelming—on you and the people you love. Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. can help you make an effective plan to manage the difficulties that come with ending a marriage, such as transitioning to one income, sharing parental responsibility, and dividing property accumulated during your marriage. We will take the time to listen to your concerns, and guide you through every aspect of your case. Contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney today.

Dedicated Counsel for Difficult Times

By providing the most efficient and effective legal service possible, our goal is to minimize the stress and cost of your divorce. Continuing reading and exploring our website for more information about specific topics, such as:

  • Uncontested divorce – In an uncontested divorce, the spouses agree on everything alleged in the divorce petition, and the court enters a judgment at a final hearing.
  • Contested divorce – In a contested divorce, there is at least one disputed issue, such as child custody or child support, that must be resolved at trial.
  • Grounds for divorce – In Florida, you do not need actual grounds for divorce, such as adultery or abuse, but they still may be relevant in some cases.
  • Divorce mediation – There are many benefits to settling your divorce through mediation, and Florida law requires at least one mediation session before a date for trial can be set.
  • Divorce process in Florida – In order to end your marriage in Florida, you must follow a formal divorce process and meet certain requirements, such as filing deadlines and fulfilling the residency requirement.
  • Petition for dissolution of marriage in Florida – To get the divorce process started, one or both parties must file a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage” in the circuit court in the county in which one party resides.
  • New divorce laws – It is important for divorcing parties and their lawyers to stay abreast of new divorce laws in Florida.
  • Military divorce – There are unique issues that must be addressed in a military divorce, such as military pensions, residency requirements, and certain legal protections for military members.

Many people come to us worried about the financial burden of hiring a divorce attorney. Most do not know, however, that, by law, the parties to a divorce have the right to a similar level of legal representation. If there is a major difference in income between spouses, the court will sometimes require the party with higher income to pay some of the legal fees of the other spouse. We can help you find a solution to your financial concerns.

Contact Us for Advice & Representation during Fort Lauderdale Divorce

If you are facing divorce, and you live in Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton, contact Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services. Simply knowing you do not have to go through divorce alone can give you significant peace of mind, contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney.

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