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Commingling Marital Assets

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Dividing marital property often takes centerstage during divorce proceedings, especially when a couple each owned unique or valuable assets at the time of their marriage. This is because Florida is an equitable division state, where all marital assets must be divided fairly upon a couple’s divorce. For this reason, how property is classified, whether… Read More »


Sealing Public Divorce Records

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Many divorcing couples are surprised to learn that divorce records, like any other court document, are available to the public in Florida. This means that anyone who wants to obtain your divorce records, can do so. Fortunately, it is possible to seal divorce records in some cases, so if you are concerned about the… Read More »


Things to Consider When Contemplating Relocation After Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

While parents who divorce may plan on staying in the same home or geographic area for the foreseeable future, it is not uncommon for a change in circumstances to cause a parent to consider relocating at some point down the road. Whether this happens immediately after the finalization of the divorce, or years later,… Read More »


How Soon Can I Start Receiving Alimony?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

If you are at least partly financially dependent upon your spouse and are going through a divorce, you may be wondering how soon you can start collecting alimony. The answer to this question will differ depending on the circumstances of the case at hand, but it is often possible for a person to start… Read More »


The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In a previous post, we discussed the complications that can arise from the public disclosure of divorce records and how divorcing parties can go about attempting to seal those records, or at least have certain information redacted. This is not, however, the only way to avoid having your divorce become a matter of public… Read More »


Selling Assets During Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Florida is an equitable division state, which means that in the event of divorce, couples must divide their property in a way that is deemed equitable, or fair. These agreements, however, do not go into effect until a divorce is finalized, leaving many to wonder whether they can still sell assets while divorce proceedings… Read More »


Avoiding a Default Judgment in Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Our day-to-day lives tend to be busy, with multiple tasks needing our attention. This seems to be particularly true for those who are involved in divorce proceedings, which often require time-consuming meetings and court hearings. This means that many things can slip through the cracks during divorce, some of which can end up affecting… Read More »


5 Signs that You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

While prenuptial agreements may not be the most romantic aspect of planning a wedding, they are an important consideration for couples who are looking to protect their assets. We’ve included a list of things that, if applicable in your own case, may weigh in favor of a prenuptial agreement. We also recognize, however, that… Read More »


What Evidence Can I Use to Satisfy the Best Interests of the Child Standard?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When making decisions about child custody, Florida courts are required to evaluate what kind of arrangement would be in a child’s best interests. Fortunately, there are a number of factors, contained in Florida’s statutes, that provide guidance on what kinds of things a court will take into consideration when making these important determinations. Having… Read More »


How are Rental Properties Handled During Divorce?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Rental properties often prove to be a stable and welcome source of income during a couple’s marriage. Deciding what will  happen to these kinds of assets after divorce can, however, become quite complicated. Fortunately, this is exactly the type of issue an experienced Fort Lauderdale property division lawyer is equipped to handle. Equitable Division… Read More »

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