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Adoption Dilemma: The Relationship between Children and Their Birth Parents

There are many circumstances that can surround adoptions, from single parents who gave up their child for adoption, to a married couple, one of whom has to adopt the child after their wife underwent artificial insemination, to stepparent adoption, etc. But what happens as the child gets older, and starts asking questions about where they came from? Some statistics show that an estimated half of all adopted children engage in a search for one or both parents at some point in their lives.

Experts have remarked that there has been a variety of approaches to adoption cases, all based on the particular historical circumstances and/or contemporary practicalities of each case. Over time, the general trend has been towards more transparency, where more and more states are passing laws that allow children to either obtain some identification information of their parents, or even outright learn their full identity. In addition, open adoptions—where the child maintains an ongoing relationship with their birth mother—are on the rise.

In other states, birth parents still maintain the right to sign a no-contact veto prior to giving their child up for adoption. Overall, trends show that birth mothers have more and more power and say over the matter, and fewer and fewer children are available for adoption as certain stigmas concerning single motherhood disappear from American society.

More Transparent Adoptions

This transition to a more transparent adoption policy amongst the states does have some worried, however, that fewer people will place their children up for adoption out of fear that they will be tracked down—a similar fear for those donating to artificial insemination. Either way, it raises critical questions for the various states on what the best policy on adoption and releasing information is, exactly.

New Research on Open Adoption Relationships

There is new research available that examines the connections made between those who adopt and those who relinquish their children in an open adoption. Those who were involved with the research noted six themes amongst the various narratives they followed:

  • Chosen parents;
  • Birth parents as family;
  • Rescue;
  • Forever;
  • Fate; and
  • Adoption makes us family.

Here, adoptive families were likened to “gatekeepers” who determine the scope of the relationship and the child’s birth parent while the child is young. According to these researchers, if the adoptive parents can have a relationship with the birth family, a positive relationship can drive the relationship with the child.

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Ensuring that an adoption occurs as smoothly as possible can be critical to helping you and your family stay protected. It is advisable that you have experienced legal counsel by your side throughout the process to ensure that any complications are handled correctly, including for stepparent adoption.

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