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5 Signs that You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement


While prenuptial agreements may not be the most romantic aspect of planning a wedding, they are an important consideration for couples who are looking to protect their assets. We’ve included a list of things that, if applicable in your own case, may weigh in favor of a prenuptial agreement. We also recognize, however, that there will undoubtedly be many more aspects of your life that could affect your decision, so if you have questions about whether such a contract is right for you and your loved one, you should speak with an experienced Fort Lauderdale  prenuptial and postnuptial agreement lawyer for help.

You Own Significant Assets

More people are getting married later in life than every before, so it is not uncommon for couples who are soon-to-be married to have accumulated significant assets before tying the knot. Couples in this situation may want to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement to ensure that in the event of divorce, the assets they brought into the marriage will remain in their sole possession.

You or Your Partner Have Debt

Assets aren’t the only thing that must be divided in divorce. Like marital property, all debts acquired during a marriage must be divided equitably upon divorce, even if only one spouse was responsible for those debts. Like assets, debts can also become marital in nature if they benefited, or were used by, the couple during the marriage. In situations where one or both parties have significant debt, a prenuptial agreement may be the way to go, as it will protect both from being held responsible for debts acquired before marriage.

You Expect to Receive an Inheritance

Generally, in Florida divorces, inheritances received by one spouse, even during marriage, are considered separate property, and so usually don’t need to be divided in the event of divorce. Still, those who are expecting to receive a significant inheritance from a loved one may want to consider entering into a prenuptial contract to ensure that any such inheritances will definitely be treated as separate property if the marriage ends.

You Have Children from a Previous Marriage

For those with children  from a previous relationship, having a prenuptial agreement can be a helpful way to ensure that in the event of an untimely death, their separate property will be distributed in accordance with their wishes and not just according to the wishes of their spouse.

You or Your Partner Plan on Staying Home

Those who are planning on staying home after marriage, either to raise children, or for another reason, should also think about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. For instance, it is possible for couples to include an alimony arrangement in their prenuptial agreements. For those who decide to stay home and so who may lose out on earning potential and career advancement, these types of agreements can provide necessary financial support and peace of mind.

Reach Out to Our Legal Team for Help

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