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Why You Should Consider Avoiding Social Media During Your Divorce


Divorce rates are consistently going down in the state of Florida. For couples going through a divorce, however, some common-sense precautions should be taken. Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more are a part of our everyday lives. Social media allows us to stay connected with distant friends and family members. While it can be a positive source of communication, it can also bring dangers. Those dangers include accessibility to our private lives that can have a significant impact on divorce proceedings. This is why you should consider avoiding social media during your divorce.

Any Post is Permanent

Once you post something online, it is on the internet forever. This even applies to Snapchat, which purports to delete files after a certain amount of time. Deleting a post, even on Snapchat, does not eliminate the possibility that someone has taken a screenshot before the post is deleted.

Pictures Can Be Dangerous

Assume that anything you post on social media will be viewed by your soon to be ex-spouse’s attorney. Pictures posted can social media can reveal information about your lifestyle. Posting a picture containing alcohol or drugs can affect a judge’s decision about a party’s fitness to be a parent. Do not post pictures of you engaging in behavior that one could construe to be inappropriate. Additionally, be mindful of any photos that even suggest your child might be in an inappropriate setting. Further, ask that friends and family refrain from posting pictures tagging you or your children.

Secrets Are Exposed

Posts on social media reveal who you spend time with, where you spend your time and what you do. Your soon to be ex-spouse and their attorney will get access to this information. Affairs can be uncovered, or presumed (even wrongfully), potentially making divorce proceedings more difficult and putting you at a disadvantage.

Do Not Post Spending Habits

Posts on social media can reveal spending practices. Child support and property division proceedings can be impacted by evidence of spending. Social media may also expose hidden assets. Do not make posts that reveal how you spend your money.

Unnecessary Pain

Posts on social media can cause both parties unnecessary pain. Bad-mouthing your soon to be ex-spouse online is never helpful. This becomes even more true if you have children together and will need to co-parent and have an ongoing relationship.

It is always important for people to be careful what they post online. This is even more important when you are going through a divorce. Privacy is vital at this time. Do not allow your soon to be ex-spouse, their family and and their friends access to your personal life. Staying off social media during your divorce can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

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