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Tips for Creating a Successful Parenting Plan


In Florida, couples with children who decide to get divorced must determine how they will divide responsibility for childcare-related decision making and parenting time. Many couples opt for a plan that allows them to co-parent, as facilitating meaningful contact between a child and both of his or her parents is usually deemed to be in that child’s best interests. Coming up with a detailed parenting plan is crucial to this endeavor, so if you and your spouse have decided to divorce, but share children whom you wish to co-parent, it is important to consult with an experienced Fort Lauderdale child custody lawyer who can help you negotiate a plan that works for your family.

Listing Your Parenting Goals

 There are a few things that families should keep in mind when creating a parenting plan, but one of the most important is grappling with each party’s parenting goals. Ensuring that both parents are on the same page in regards to how they wish to raise their children is key to negotiating a parenting time arrangement. For instance, parents may find it helpful to discuss what qualities they wish to instill in their children and how best to go about developing those qualities, as well as their vision for their children’s upbringing. Only by clearly communicating these goals can a couple come up with a parenting plan that reflects these wishes.

Remaining Flexible

 It’s a good idea for parents to remember that coming up with a parenting plan that is perfect for both of their schedules and is also in their child’s best interests is extremely difficult and may actually be impossible. Entering into negotiations with this mindset can actually be counterproductive and can lead to conflict, which could in turn, result in a court stepping in and creating its own parenting plan for the family. For this reason, parents should enter negotiations with an open mind and a willingness to compromise, which can help ensure that negotiations do not come to a standstill over a difference in opinion.

Taking Note of Your Children’s Schedules

 Many children are involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports, volunteer programs, church groups, or music lessons. Whatever the activity, it is important for parents to keep a careful record of their child’s activities, so that they can be accounted for in the parenting time schedule. When children are older, parents may even want to ask their opinions on any proposed plans and schedules to ensure that it works for everyone. Trying out a potential parenting time schedule for a few weeks can also be helpful, as it can help parents narrow down any difficulties that they did not account for or make adjustments as needed.

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