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Reasons People Divorce After Less than a Year


Reddit recently posted a survey, asking people to provide an explanation as to why they got divorced after less than a year. The survey is now archived here. A review of the data shows some interesting trends.

Chemical Abuse and Chemical Addiction

Many people reported spouses with chemical abuse or chemical addiction issues. In some cases, they readily acknowledged they ignored the signs before the big day. A few, however, particularly those in long distance relationships, hadn’t seen the signs before marriage.


Another common theme for couples divorcing in less than a year was immaturity. Some couples identified the problem as marrying too young. A review of the data, however, suggests that even couples in their late 20s to early 40s may have had immature and unreasonable expectations about what married life would be like.


Couples report previously unidentified incompatibility, such as the frequency of sexual conduct, or housekeeping tendencies. Others report an inability to handle previously identified incompatibilities. Some couples just assumed that while they had different approaches to privacy levels, for example, this would be worked out during the marriage.

Differing Expectations

Many couples reported having different expectations about what marriage means to a relationship. One responder, for example, reported that her husband expected her to take on traditional responsibilities, such as cooking, laundry, and basic household upkeep. Another responder related their experience, which involved a significant shift in the sexual expectations and needs of his partner after the marriage. A third reported their spouse decided to become a homemaker after the marriage, without consultation.

Differing Attitudes Towards Money

Different attitudes towards money may be one of the most significant contributors to marriages ending in less than a year. Some people reported different spending attitudes, such as “if you’re going to buy it, it should be the very best” versus, “live below your means.” Others reported different attitudes towards the parties’ income, from “we split the bills 50/50” to “I make more, so I will be responsible for more of the household expenses.” Still others reported frustrations about diametrically opposed attitudes about whether big spending decisions should be made jointly, or only by the person who is paying for the purchase.

A Lack of Commitment

A surprising number of respondents indicated their marriage lasted less than a year due to an affair carried on by one of the parities. Some respondents reported affairs that had been going on since before the marriage took place, but not discovered until afterwards. Others reported affairs started after the marriage. In either event, without a solid base, these marriages did not survive the affair.

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