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Fort Lauderdale Paternity & Fathers’ Rights Attorney

At Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A., we provide mothers and fathers with legal support and guidance during divorce and custody proceedings, and also handle paternity matters on behalf of clients in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Whether you are seeking custody, shared parenting time, or if you are having child support issues, you can trust that we will aggressively stand up for your rights as a parent. Contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale paternity attorneys today.

Filing a Paternity Suit in Florida

There are a lot of things to consider during a paternity lawsuit. In addition to financial concerns related to child support obligations, one or both parents may want to establish custody and visitation arrangements for shared parenting time. Florida law provides for two ways to establish paternity and address these issues when parents are not married. We represent both parties in both types of paternity actions:

  • Private paternity suits – Private paternity suits are most often filed by the mother and raise issues of child support and custody rights. We provide representation to parents on both sides of these cases.
  • State-filed child support suits – In this situation, the state files for support against a non-custodial parent, if the custodial parent has requested any type of assistance from the state. If the father wants custody or parenting time, he must file a separate action. We provide defense for the parent being sued in these cases.

If the state is attempting to establish, or has established, your child support obligation, we will help you verify that the state has accurately determined your child support payments. If there is a claim for nonpayment of support, we can institute or defend against a contempt proceeding. We will also help you analyze the child support implications for the dependency exemption claimed on income taxes.

Protecting Fathers’ Rights in Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton

In the past, divorce often meant that fathers could no longer actively participate in their children’s lives due to limited child custody and parenting time. Today, however, there is more awareness regarding the importance of a father’s role in child rearing, including the ability to make decisions about a child’s care, education and welfare. With father’s rights gaining more prominence, an increasing number of fathers are being awarded shared parenting time, and some may be awarded full custody, in which case the father has the right to ask for child support from the mother.

Sandra Bonfiglio, P.A. has experience handling Fort Lauderdale fathers’ rights cases. We have helped fathers obtain fair custody and child support arrangements during divorce proceedings, and have also handled cases in which a mother improperly interfered with a father-child relationship.

Contact Us to Establish Your Parental Rights

If you have concerns about paternity, find out how our Fort Lauderdale paternity attorneys can help protect your parental rights and the best interests of your children. Contact our offices in Ft. Lauderdale to schedule a consultation.

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