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Who Pays for a Child’s Healthcare Costs After Divorce?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When courts calculate how much child support a non-custodial parent should pay, it takes into consideration a number of factors, including both parties’ income and who will be responsible for providing healthcare insurance. If you have questions or concerns about who will pay for your own child’s medical expenses after your divorce is finalized,… Read More »


Federal Government May Begin Collecting Child Support Data

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In 1995, Congress enacted the Family Support Act, in which they charged Florida, along with all other states in the nation, with monitoring child support orders and payment compliance. However, a recent budget proposal from the White House indicated that this state-level monitoring system could be replaced with one directed by the federal government,… Read More »


Filing a Child Support-Related Civil Contempt Motion

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When someone is ordered to pay child support in Florida, but fails to fulfill that obligation, he or she could be held in contempt of court, which can result in jail time and expensive fines. Filing a motion for civil contempt is one way that parties who are not receiving child support from an… Read More »


What Should I do if My Child Support Payments are Going to the Wrong Person?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Although not common, child support payments do get sent to the wrong person’s account. This can raise a host of difficulties for the parent who made the payment, as well as the recipient, so if you received notice that you are delinquent in paying child support, but you know that you made the payment… Read More »


Are There any Valid Reasons for Failing to Pay Child Support?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Dividing assets, determining whether a party should pay alimony, and deciding who gets the family home can make the divorce process both complicated and emotional. Unfortunately, these issues are only compounded when a couple is unable to come to an agreement about child custody, or when one party refuses or is unable to pay… Read More »

What Happens If A Parent Does Not Pay Child Support?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Many would be shocked to read that, according to the U.S. Census, only about half of all custodial parents have legal or informal child support arrangements, and less than half of these parents with arrangements actually received full payments in 2011. Yet, regardless of whether there are arrangements in place, it is common sense… Read More »

How to Deal With Child Support Payments When You Lose Your Job

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In Florida, as in other states, child support payments are based in large part on the incomes of the child’s parents and the needs of the child or children. But what happens if your salary changes or you lose your job? Child support payments will not be automatically adjusted if you lose your job… Read More »

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