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Tag Archives: Florida Premarital Agreements


Thoughts About “Lifetime Alimony” — Using Well-Crafted Premarital Agreement

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Alimony reform continues to be a hot topic here in Florida. Back in January 2017, bills were introduced to, once again, try and reform Florida’s alimony laws. Last year, the legislature passed alimony reform. Under what was labeled SB 668, judges were denied the ability to award so-called “lifetime alimony” payments. SB 668 replaced… Read More »

Premarital Agreements in the State of Florida – Do I Need One?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

What is a Premarital Agreement? In the state of Florida, a premarital agreement is defined as “an agreement between prospective spouses made in contemplation of marriage and to be effective upon marriage.” The purpose of a premarital agreement is to identify personal property held by each party, and make a determination about what will… Read More »

Premarital Agreements in the State of Florida – Frequently Asked Questions

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

I Have a Premarital Agreement and I Want to Know if it’s Enforceable Under Florida law, if your premarital agreement is in writing, and was signed by both parties to the marriage, and your marriage has already taken place, typically, your premarital agreement is legally valid. However, there are some exceptions to this. If… Read More »

Keeping Assets Protected During Marriage

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Credit.com recently published a story on how couples who want to avoid a pre- or postnuptial agreement can still protect their assets when it comes to financial preparation and marriage.  While prenuptial agreements are the safest way to ensure that you are financially protected, there are other ways to keep at least some of… Read More »

Prenuptial Agreements & Estate Planning

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Prenuptial agreements are more and more popular as people are getting married later in life and after they have accumulated assets and/or had previous families that they want to make sure they provide for, striking a balance between what is left to their spouse and what is left to their children. They have also… Read More »

Planning For “Nontraditional” Families

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Many people would be surprised at just how many children are living in a “traditional” family setting (“traditional” referring to two married heterosexual parents their first marriage)—in fact changing what we think of as “traditional.” According to the Pew Research Center, less than half of U.S. kids today live in a traditional family, household… Read More »

Huffington Post Highlights the Lessons Learned from Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Huffington Post recently asked people what their most valuable marriage lessons were, as learned from divorce. The responses highlight that going through a divorce often makes you “smarter” when it comes to love and relationships. These are some of the highlights of what people took away from the often difficult process: Love Yourself First… Read More »

Important Considerations before a Second (Or Subsequent) Marriage

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Anyone who has been through a difficult divorce, particularly one that involved a contentious battle over property and assets without a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, will probably think twice before going down that same road. In spite of these discussions sometimes being difficult to have prior to a wedding, it is absolutely necessary to… Read More »

What Happens To Property Without A Prenuptial Agreement?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Many people believe that prenuptial agreements are only for wealthy individuals with many assets; however, these agreements not only protect marital property in the relationship between a married couple, but in your relationship with the state of Florida as well. In other words, without a prenuptial agreement in place, state laws determine what happens… Read More »

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