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Why You Should Consider Obtaining a Vocational Evaluation During Your Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When it comes to determining whether one spouse will owe alimony to the other upon the dissolution of their marriage, courts take a number of factors into account, including each party’s earning ability, work history, and whether one spouse is primarily responsible for childcare. Obtaining a vocational evaluation can be crucial when deciding how… Read More »


What are the Consequences of Failing to Pay Alimony in Florida?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Those who fail to comply with court orders in Florida face stiff penalties. This is especially true in family law cases, where a failure to pay child support or alimony as required by the court could have a serious impact on a child or former spouse’s quality of life. If your own ex-spouse is… Read More »


How Much Alimony Will You Get?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Across the United States, over 450,000 individuals receive alimony payments. While many of these individuals greatly rely on these payments, alimony payments are some of the most highly contested issues in a divorce. In many cases, divorces can carry on for years as spouses dispute potential spousal support (alimony payments). The exact way alimony… Read More »

What Getting Divorced Can Teach Us about Money

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Sometimes reading about people’s personal experiences after divorce can help us realize that, although the prospect of splitting from your partner can seem daunting, it can also end up making you both stronger and wiser. One particular piece recently published in Refinery29 does just this; it explores how one woman’s journey into financial independence… Read More »

Governor Scott Vetoes Changes to Alimony and Child Custody in Florida

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

On April 15th, Governor Rick Scott vetoed the controversial family law proposal that would have forced judges to use a specific formula in calculating alimony (entirely based on number of years of marriage and combined incomes), and would have eliminated permanent alimony entirely. Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the proposal was the last-minute… Read More »

When Is Divorce An “Aphrodisiac”?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

On January 6th, the Washington Post featured an article on topics that many of us sometimes find ourselves discussing with friends—topics such as parenting, marriage, work, and aging—as well as one topic that often does not get discussed, and that’s the “bad rap” that middle-age moms get when it comes to sex in marriage…. Read More »

The Harm in Handling Your Own Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Many people might feel that representing themselves in their divorce is a good way to ensure that any agreement that comes out of the process will look exactly as they would like it, and that they will also save money. The problem is that there are typically many moving parts in a divorce, ranging… Read More »

Why Has My Case Been Referred To A Magistrate?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In Florida divorce cases, a general magistrate is sometimes appointed by a judge to hear testimony and recommend decisions on certain issues associated with a divorce in order to promote judicial efficiency. This magistrate is always an attorney, and the judge reviews these recommendations and typically approves them. Magistrate referrals are typically done for… Read More »

Florida Senator Trying To Overhaul Alimony and Custody Laws…Again

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

State Senator Tom Lee is once again (and for the third time) trying to change the state laws governing alimony and child custody. On September 10, he filed SB 250 for consideration in 2016. This bill would alter certain aspects of divorce proceedings in state courts, specifically: Making It More Difficult To Receive Spousal… Read More »

Tax Ramifications of Divorce, Alimony, and Child Support

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

If you are getting divorced, aside from the complications of dealing with the divorce process and any child custody and support issues, you also have to worry about the tax ramifications of any financial arrangements that you make. For example, few people realize that while alimony (and/or “maintenance” under Florida law) is tax deductible,… Read More »

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