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Monthly Archives: July 2022


Florida Governor Vetoes Alimony Reform Attempt

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Only a few months after both the Senate and the House passed an alimony reform measure, the governor of Florida officially chose to veto it. If passed, the law would have eliminated permanent alimony and provided paying spouses with a method of modification upon retirement. This veto marks the third failed attempt of Florida… Read More »


Family Mediation In Florida

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Starting in the 1980’s Florida courts started implementing mandatory family mediation, which is a type of alternative dispute resolution for all divorcing couples. Under these rules, both parties to a Florida divorce are required to participate in mediation before litigating their case. Fortunately, many mediation proceedings result in settlement agreements, which means that couples… Read More »


How Long Does It Take To Get A Florida Divorce?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Whether you and your spouse have only started thinking about divorce, or you’ve already filed, you might be wondering how long you can expect the process to take. The answer will vary depending on your family’s particular circumstances. Some divorces, for instance, can be finalized in a matter of weeks, while others could take… Read More »


Awarding Sole Parental Responsibility In Florida

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In Florida, custody arrangements are divided into two parts: parenting time and parental responsibility. The former refers to how much time each parent spends with the child according to a particular schedule, while the latter, which is traditionally called legal custody, refers to how parents share responsibility for making child-related decisions. With both types… Read More »


The Consequences Of Hiding Assets During Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

While many divorces go relatively smoothly, with little contention between the parties, this is not always the case. In fact, divorce can bring out the worst in people, especially when it comes to splitting up assets. Sometimes, a spouse may even attempt to rob the other of a fair property settlement by hiding or… Read More »


What If My Child Refuses Visitation?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

As a co-parent who shares custody of your child, you’ll need to abide by the terms of your parenting plan, which will include visits with his or her other parent. These visits could go smoothly, or in some cases, you might find that your child doesn’t wish to visit the other parent, but wants… Read More »

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