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Monthly Archives: September 2021


Divorce Mediation Is Mandatory In Florida

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Unlike many states, Florida actually requires divorcing couples to attempt mediation. While not all mediation proceedings are successful, they can save couples a significant amount of time, money, and stress, so making a real attempt to settle your differences is encouraged. Going to mediation does not mean, however, that you won’t need a legal… Read More »


Understanding Your Divorce Decree

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Whether a divorce took only a few weeks, several months, or even years, most couples breathe a sigh of relief when the process is complete and they have a final decree of divorce in hand. Besides being a symbol of closure and new beginnings, final divorce decrees are also important legal documents that are… Read More »


Preparing For Future Events In Your Parenting Plan

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

It is important for families, when creating a parenting plan, to remember to focus on what would currently be in a child’s best interests. For instance, parents are discouraged from making plans based on things that might happen in the future, but to focus on their present circumstances. There are, however, exceptions to this… Read More »


Why Your Date Of Separation Is Important

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

It is a common misconception in Florida that couples can get legally separated. While the reality is that Florida doesn’t actually recognize this type of legal action, the date that a couple separates can play a significant role in the divorce process. The date that a couple decides to lead separate lives, for instance,… Read More »


Do Sperm And Egg Donors Have Parental Rights Under Florida Law?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

There are a lot of ways to create a family. Advancements in the medical field, for instance, have made it possible to use in vitro fertilization, often with the help of a surrogate, to conceive a child. While these types of procedures are becoming more common, they still raise a lot of questions about… Read More »


Could My Travel Schedule Affect My Child Custody Arrangement?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Many people are required to travel for work. While this may not be a significant issue when a couple is married, the amount and duration of that travel can end up becoming an important concern for separated parents in terms of child custody arrangements. Having a thorough understanding of the statutory guidelines that are… Read More »


Factors To Consider When Valuing Your Marital Home

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

The fate of the family home is one of the biggest concerns for couples who decide to divorce. There are, however, a number of variables that couples should consider before deciding who, if anyone, will retain the residence. To learn more about these factors, consult with your Fort Lauderdale property division lawyer today. Financial… Read More »


How Do Courts Determine Parental Responsibility?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When a married couple has children and decides to divorce, they must establish a custody order with the courts before that dissolution can be finalized. This requires the parents, or a judge, to come up with a plan in which the two parties share not only physical time with their child, but also decision… Read More »


Dates To Keep In Mind When Seeking Alimony

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Certain parts of the divorce process are dictated, at least in part, by a few specific dates. Because these dates can play such a significant role in a divorce, especially in regards to alimony determinations, divorcing couples should be sure to speak with an experienced Fort Lauderdale alimony lawyer, who can explain what kinds… Read More »


Protecting Your Credit After Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Ending a marriage can come with emotional, legal, and practical implications. Many couples, for instance, worry about protecting their credit scores during divorce, especially if they are struggling financially. Fortunately, there are steps that couples can take to help avoid these kinds of problems, so if you and your partner have decided to end… Read More »

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