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Monthly Archives: June 2017


Talking To Your Child About Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

The prospect of divorce can be a chilling thought for anyone considering ending their marriage. Initially, many individuals may feel shame or guilt associated with knowing their relationship is ending, however, many individuals know that the fresh start offered by a divorce is one of the best life decisions they made. This is not… Read More »


Social Media’s Impact On Your Family Law Case

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

In today’s day and age, social media has become part of most people’s daily life. The majority Americans both young and old maintain some form of social media presence. While seemingly sharing may seem harmless at the time, social media posts and can alter the outcome of your case. If you are going through… Read More »


How Much Alimony Will You Get?

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Across the United States, over 450,000 individuals receive alimony payments. While many of these individuals greatly rely on these payments, alimony payments are some of the most highly contested issues in a divorce. In many cases, divorces can carry on for years as spouses dispute potential spousal support (alimony payments). The exact way alimony… Read More »


Understanding Sole Custody

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When you are going through a divorce, it is common to want sole custody of your children. For one reason or another many parents often have the sentiment that their ex-spouse is not what is best for their child. Thus, like any parent you want the best for your child and in your case… Read More »


The Complications of High Asset Divorces

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When going through a divorce, the process of dividing property, assets, and other personal belongings can result in a stressful and contentious situation. It is likely that there are certain pieces of property that both parties desire and are reluctant to relinquish control of. This dilemma is often taken to a new extreme during… Read More »


How to Ensure a Fair Divorce Settlement

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Each year roughly, 80,000 couples go through a divorce in the state of Florida. When a marriage is on the brink of collapse, several things may begin to take place. In certain cases, one of the individuals may scramble to try to save the relationship; meanwhile, in other instances, one or both partners may… Read More »


The Tax Implications of Divorce

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

When going through a divorce, there is an abundance of choices and considerations that must be made during the process. This is coupled with the reality that emotions are often running high and making objective choices is not always the easiest. Of the considerations that are made during a divorce, one of the most… Read More »


Child Support Contempt Proceedings

By Sandra Bonfiglio |

Following a divorce, the next hurdle that many individuals face is ensuring that they are receiving their child support payments on time. Unfortunately, missed child support payments and inaccuracies in payments are far more common than most people believe. Child support issues are some of the most common issues encountered in family law. Struggling… Read More »

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